Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Headings are for squares.

Impulsive is my middle name guys. I made a blog, ta-da! It's here, like magic. How'd it get here? I made it, aren't I talented? My mom thinks so. Come on in, and have a seat; make yourself at home.
  • What is this?
     A place to keep an account of all these outrageously ordinary teenage shenanigans, maybe if I'm lucky I'll even entertain a few friends.
    (and get recognized so that I can sell my soul for guilded junk and fancy stuff)
  • Briana why did you do this? You never follow through on anything. Ever.
    Shut up.
  • Why "Almost Adventures"
    I don't fight dragons or any kind of monster or ferocious animal, nor do I rescue damsels or damsel-dudes in distress. I don't delve into deep dungeons in search of unspeakable treasures, I don't go on epic perilous life threatening quests to save my homeland and I most certainly don't combat evil doers.
    I'm just some blockhead kid from South Jersey with a boring life in a boring town dying for some adventure. So; almost adventures.
    I play with my dogs, I play Super Mario, I go into my basement at night to get a soda, I walk halfway across town to WaWa with my friends during a heat wave, and I correct bad grammar on the internet. 

I don't know how to end this. I trust you can see yourselves out?

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