Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bench Breaking Bitches!

There was this shitty bench in front of my school where my friends and I would chill on as we waited for everyone to get there. One day a few months ago one of the supports snapped and it's been balancing on the one since then. We could filp it half way and move it around, but nothing more than that. To sit on it we had to lean back so that it wouldn't fall forward; eventually we started using it as a sort of rocker.
Today it broke completely. I think Jie did it. Or maybe he found it like that, I'm not sure.
Anyways, when I got there we immediately picked it up and flipped it upside down on the ground. Jie wanted to carry it all the way across the campus but that was a horrible idea and we didn't do it.
Immediately after he saw the broken bench David called us 'bench breaking bitches" and I immediately thought of a bad TV show about Jie and I going around just destroying benches.

When I got back to it later somebody had put it right-side up again.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Da Bomb, Surgeon

Today makes one whole week guys! 
That means that my trial period is over and it's my utmost pleasure to say that I will indeed continue to make Almost Adventure comics! 
-cue cheering-
Although I won't be pressuring myself to make daily comics solely about said day's events. I will if there's something worth making a comic about, but if not I'll make a comic about something else. 

You've all been great so far, thanks a bunch! To be totally honest I didn't expect anyone to care about this in the slightest, and the amount of interest you guys have shown in this so far took me completely off guard. 
So thank you.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Curse You Macbeth!

Seriously. How boring!
It seems that the true problem with doing daily comics about my day has finally shown itself. Boring day = boring comic.

Don't worry though, I have a solution.
You'll just have to trust me for now!

At Least I Hung Up Quick.

It's funnier if you know that I've never actually met her in person.
I think this comic is self explanatory.

Lawl, sorry Harmony!

Friday, April 20, 2012

They're Prescription.

Today was 4/20, and we pretended to be high for Hitler's birthday, or something like that.
We wore douche-y sunglasses and our hoods up and laughed at everything.
It was actually really funny, my friend Brandon was a lot better at it than I was though.
At one point we were walking around "eating" crackers like the god damn cookie monster we got  crumbs everywhere. Nobody said anything at all.
It was great.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Chemistry is always fun, especially lab days. I always end up fooling around and playing with the equipment (and/or doodling on the lab paper, but I do that on most every paper). Today we were making atom models with these little kinex type things that consisted of different colored balls and connectors. The first thing I did was try to make a person, then I played marbles, tried to juggle them, made a dumbbell and did some intense pinky curls and in the end my finest creation was a puppy.
I took him up a long side my lab partner Ron to show the teacher. Ron showed a complex Benzene Ring, I showed him a puppy.
He said that he was unstable. :(

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hail Sithis!

Today my friend David followed me down the hallway whispering evil enchantments and prayers to Sithis.

You can check David's stuff out here:


A freaking hornet flew into my chemistry class today. For those of you that don't know; I am terrified of bees. I run away and scream like a little girl if one comes even remotely close to me. It's really bad. 
I didn't actually bolt for the door, but I sure as hell wanted to. 
After about a minute and a half of sitting stock still like I was face to face with a T-Rex in hopes that the bee wouldn't pick me out of all my peers to victimize, my teacher walked up and slapped it silly. The man deserves a key to the city or something.


Headings are for squares.

Impulsive is my middle name guys. I made a blog, ta-da! It's here, like magic. How'd it get here? I made it, aren't I talented? My mom thinks so. Come on in, and have a seat; make yourself at home.
  • What is this?
     A place to keep an account of all these outrageously ordinary teenage shenanigans, maybe if I'm lucky I'll even entertain a few friends.
    (and get recognized so that I can sell my soul for guilded junk and fancy stuff)
  • Briana why did you do this? You never follow through on anything. Ever.
    Shut up.
  • Why "Almost Adventures"
    I don't fight dragons or any kind of monster or ferocious animal, nor do I rescue damsels or damsel-dudes in distress. I don't delve into deep dungeons in search of unspeakable treasures, I don't go on epic perilous life threatening quests to save my homeland and I most certainly don't combat evil doers.
    I'm just some blockhead kid from South Jersey with a boring life in a boring town dying for some adventure. So; almost adventures.
    I play with my dogs, I play Super Mario, I go into my basement at night to get a soda, I walk halfway across town to WaWa with my friends during a heat wave, and I correct bad grammar on the internet. 

I don't know how to end this. I trust you can see yourselves out?